DTEK Donetskoblenergo Repairs About 370 km of Overhead Lines

After capital repairs 72 overhead lines 35-110 kV with the total length of almost 370 km, in which 254 transmission towers and 55 km of wires have been replaced. Over 1000 km of overhead lines 0.4-10 kV have been repaired, 14 transmission towers have been installed, 1.2 thousand km of wires have been replaced.

Complex maintenance of 8 substation 35-110 kV, 936 transformer substations (TS) and distribution points (DP) has been carried out .

Providing electrical energy for over 1350 boiler houses in the region, the company is installing second power transformers in the transformer substations, which provide power supply for the substations’ boiler houses, in order to raise the stability of their power supply. Till the end of the year there will be 50 of such transformers installed. Also another 120 power transformers will be mounted in the two transformer substations for the stable power supply of schools, kindergartens, hospitals.

The company is paying special attention to the readiness for work in emergency situations, to conducting emergency restoration works at low temperatures. All the necessary equipment has been repaired, the fuel and lubricants deposits and medicines have been prepared. All the enterprises of the company have been supplied with the emergency deposits of materials and equipment, meteorological posts have been equipped at all wiremen points. 62 emergency teams and 145 object anti-accident groups have been built. Operating staff has taken training in carrying out emergency restoration works at low temperatures. In cooperation with communal services of the towns in Donetsk region the interaction plans for emergency situations have been developed.

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