MES of Volga Introduce High Alert Regime at Power Facilities of Nizhniy Novgorod and Middle Volga Enterprises

Due to the worsened weather conditions 51 brigades with the total number of over 600 people of in-house personnel of MES Volga as well as the attracted subcontractor organizations and 401 units of equipment.

The branch of OAO FGC UES – Main Electrical Grids of Volga have introduced the high alert regime at the facilities of the unified national power grid in the territory of Nizhniy Novgorod region, as well as the in the responsibility zones of the Middle Volga enterprise – in Ulyanovsk, Penza regions and in the republics of Mariy El, Chuvashia, Mordovia.

According to the weather forecasts, in the nearest future these regions are going to face deterioration of weather conditions with abundant snowfalls and snowstorms, with the possible glaze-ice and rime depositions on the power transmissions lines and elements of substation equipment.

Be the decision of the emergency operations center of MES of Volga a twenty-four-hour alert of the maintenance team was organized, repair brigades of the contractor organizations got fully operational.

The scheduled routine switchings have been put to a halt, the control over the operation of substation equipment and power transmission lines was reinforced. A twenty-four-hour alert of the members of the emergency operations center was organized to enable a constant monitoring of the situation. The cooperation with the authorities of the regions, Emergency Ministry, energy companies of the distribution grid complex of the region as well as with the municipal communal services has been arranged.

At present all the power facilities of MES Volga are operating nominally, the power supply of the consumers is carried out to the full extent.

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